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Choose Your Membership
Select the Luxe Golf Club membership that suits you, with the freedom to cancel at any time.
Unlock Exclusive Discounts
Access exclusive rewards and discounts from over 100 top retailers in Australia.
Win Ultimate Golf Adventures
Members have monthly chances to win our ultimate Luxe golfing adventures. The longer you are a member, the better your chances become as tickets accumulate each month.
Make an Impact
Join Luxe Golf Club to make your green dreams come true and support meaningful causes.
What is Luxe Golf Club?
Luxe Golf Club, where your green dreams can come true. We are Australia's ultimate golf rewards club, we invite you to join us today and unlock a world of epic golf rewards and discounts that can save you thousands each year. But that's not all. Our members enjoy the exhilarating opportunity to win ultimate golfing adventures every month. Picture yourself playing on world-class courses, experiencing the greatest golfing events, and doing it all in the Luxe way. It's time to make your green dreams a reality. Join Luxe Golf Club now!
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Luxe Golf
Australia's ultimate golf rewards club. Unlock a world of epic rewards and discounts plus an exhilarating opportunity to win ultimate golfing adventures, every month. Your Green Dreams Await.
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